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Beyond the Brand


Welcome to Beyond the Brand

  Coming to you straight out of Atlanta and hosted by powerhouse entrepreneur Linda Chatmon, this podcast takes on topics other entrepreneurial focused broadcasts dare not touch. A far cry from typical “how-to” advice, this show digs unafraid into a variety of issues affecting business owners today—good, bad and ugly. 

Never scripted and with opportunities for audience engagement, this live podcast is a must-listen for any entrepreneur or business owner hustling to make it work out there (because who isn’t?).  

 Chatmon is the founder and President of Contracts and Grants, LLC a highly successful company serving small and minority owned businesses, owner if the App Diva, a software development company, President of Southern Crescent Chamber of Commerce and serves on the advisory board to the largest Tax Allocation District in the state of GA.  

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For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Lets face it, we are different.  We think different, we act different, but Entrepreneurs Rock!! But we really have some "issues" that impact us every day.  Beyond the Brand will focus on those issues that impact us as Entrepreneurs, the good, the bad, the ugly.

No Shame in Our Game

I talk about those issues that no one else wants to tackle. This is NOT a training or how to podcast, but will motivate and inspire you to become an entrepreneur or it will make you reconsider. 

A Personal Approach

With a variety of guests, I will provide both male and female perspectives on all matters, creating dynamic he said/she said rapport audience members will relate to. 

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Our Features

The Person Behind the Brand


Who are you behind your brand? What would people be surprised to find out about you? What was your Entrepreneur Journey? I wanted to create an entrepreneur podcast experience that showcased us "Beyond our Brand" because we are so much more than our Brands.  We are Mothers, Wives, Husbands, Dads, Brothers, so much more than who people see us as when we are "at work".  

Lets Talk


Have an ax to grind with a business? Wonder if what they did was fair? Ethical? What about  YOUR business practices are they up to par? In this segment, we take on questions YOU have about your interaction with Businesses, good or bad!!!


Its Complicated


Do you have a complicated situation that you want to discuss? Get feedback on? Should You? Should't You? Lets talk about it, get feedback from others. This can be a personal or business topic that affects you ability to be the best Entrepreneur you can be.

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